Jennifer Brook is a design practitioner who co-creates with teams and organizations using fieldwork, facilitation, visioning, magic, color, and analog practices.

Favorite Projects

  • Fieldwork Color Analog

    What Color is the Earth?

    Gathering, contemplating, and exploring material color from locations across the earth.
  • Fieldwork Visioning


    Expanding the representation of women and the arts on Wikipedia.

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  • Talks | Awwwards: May 9-10, 2019 | San Francisco, CA

    21st Century Design Skills

    I'll share some unique insights based on my researching people and teams at work and introduce some uncommon skills we’ll need to bring with us into the future of our work.
  • Publications | Medium

    Design Your Team

    Introducing the Team Values Toolkit — a new way to design and align on work culture.
  • Interviews | Arper

    On Color

    An interview with Arper on the practice of contemplating and collecting from the spinning ball of erotic, explosive color that is our earth.

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